Amber Cafe: Nature, Preserved
Identity | 2018 | College Project


Amber Cafe is a restaurant that serves traditionally preserved food without any use of artificial additives, which protects the environment. Traditionally preserved food is also good for human body and it reduces food waste.

In the logo, I am using amber, a kind of hard translucent fossilized resin that a lot of times contains insects, as a metaphor.


For the interior design of the restaurant, I scan and photograph preserved eggs and use the pattern for the wall covering to create a cohesive environment according to the food served in the restaurant.


I also incorporate photography into the identity system. In the photos, preserved food is treated as antiques or treasures since they require considerable time to make, and many of them have interesting shapes and textures. The name of the restaurant, Amber Cafe, also communicate the idea of treasuring preserved food.


I did screen printing for the production of the tablewares in the restaurant. The logo is in a metallic copper color. The plates are the same color as the primary color of the restaurant. Because the restaurant serves preserved food from different cultures, I also include a fork, a spoon and a pair of chopsticks.

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