驚蟄 Insects Awaken
Book Design | 2017 | College Project


This book is about a small alley called Spofford Street in Chinatown, San Francisco. Starting with various kinds of research on and exploration of the block, I became fascinated by the cultures and stories carried by residents when they crossed the sea years ago as refugees or immigrants.

This is also my first attempt to use two different languages in my design.

“Jingzhe” (驚蟄) is the 3rd of the 24 solar terms (節氣) in the traditional East Asian calendar.

The word “Jingzhe” means the awakening of hibernating insects. “Jing” is to start and “Zhe” means hibernating insects. Traditional Chinese folklore says that during Jingzhe, thunderstorms will wake up the hibernating insects.

When you enter the alley, you awaken the "insects" on this block.

I resized the book to for a better online viewing, the physical book is 8"×12" because of the spine.


Fortune Card
Card Design | 2017 | College Project


During my time on the block, I noticed that people there like putting words referring to luck on their front doors. People also like putting cards with lucky words in their wallets. These cards have beautiful Chinese calligraphy with distinguished styles. For my extension of this project, I wrote 40 different lucky words in Chinese with 10 different styles. The colors of the cards are from the block.

I also made two card holders based on the size of these cards, so people can carry these cards along with their own cards.

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